CORRI would not be possible without the generous financial support of the Fish American Foundation, the Bunnelle Foundation, NOAAs Coastal Restoration Center, and Coastal Carolina University.

Numerous restaurants including Graham's Landing, Gulfstream Cafe, Noizy Oyster, Mr. Fish, and Flying Fish participated in the original shell recycling program. Currently Noizy Oyster and Flying Fish remain recycling partners.

A diverse group of researchers and business leaders participated in CORRIs ongoing projects from shell recycling to reef building and restoration research. Drs. Charlie Martin - LSU, Loren Coen - FAU, and Lisa Vandiver - NOAA provided timely advice and/or aided with ongoing research into oyster restoration practices. Kira Roff formerly of Fisher now Roff Recycle Grand Strand  continues to be invaluable in recycling shell from local restaurants. Neil Chambers of Chambers Design participated in restoration activities and remains instrumental in developing sustainable local business practices. Ben Dyer of SCDNR provided advice and much needed quarantined shell for the CORRI project and remains a collaborative partner.

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